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Safe for

Pets & Children


Rotary extraction is the safest and healthiest method for cleaning your carpets. Our solution is all-natural and non-toxic, which means safe carpets for your children and pets. Not only is our solution hypo-allergenic, it actually removes 98% of common household allergens that tend to accumulate in your carpets. We also offer an optional sanitizer upgrade to our solution that will also remove 89% of common bacteria that live in your carpets. As well, since our method uses 80% less water than traditional carpet cleaning methods, we don’t run the risk of mold and mildew growing in wet carpets,  keeping your carpets fresh, soft, healthy, and safe.

Learn More About Our Carbonated Carpet Solution.

Pet Spot/Stain Removal

For houses that are prone to animal stains, we highly recommend our carpet protectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer upgrades when getting your carpets deep cleaned. This will provide the level of care necessary to keep your carpets cleaner, longer, and keep your home a healthy place for pets and families alike.

  • Carpet Protectant: Carpet Protectant is an optional upgrade that strengthens and coats the carpet fibers in a stain resistant solution. This helps keep your carpets clean longer and makes spots come up easier. We highly recommend this for homes with pets and children.

  • Carpet Deodorizer: The professional strength deodorizer is an optional upgrade that has very little fragrance of its own, but actually neutralizes existing odors it comes into contact with, making it very helpful for homes with pets.

  • Carpet Sanitizer: Carpet sanitizer is an optional upgrade that kills up to 89% of airborne and carpet-dwelling bacteria that are commonly found in homes. We highly recommend this in homes where people wear shoes indoors or have children or pets who may bring in outside bacteria.

Learn More About Our Carbonated Carpet Solution.

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