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Carpet cleaning FAQ

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  • Is Carbonated Carpet Solutions safe for children & pets?
    Yes, our rotary extraction is the safest and healthiest method for cleaning your carpets. Our solution is all-natural and non-toxic, which means safe carpets for your children and pets. Not only is our solution hypo-allergenic, it actually removes 98% of common household allergens that tend to accumulate in your carpets. We also offer an optional sanitizer upgrade to our solution that will also remove 89% of common bacteria that live in your carpets. As well, since our method uses 80% less water than traditional carpet cleaning methods, we don’t run the risk of mold and mildew growing in wet carpets, keeping your carpets fresh, soft, healthy, and safe.
  • How does it work?
    Our 3 StepProcess 1) Estimate and Spot Check: We measure out your cleanable carpet and check any problem areas and spots so we can build a cleaning strategy catered to your specific carpet cleaning needs 2) Pre-vacuuming: Vacuuming with our industrial strength vacuum helps straighten the carpet fibers and pick any loose dirt, optimizing the extraction process. Deep Cleaning with Rotary Extraction: Our extractor pumps hot all-natural carbonated solution into your carpet to break up the dirt, and extract the solution along with the dirt in one fell swoop. 3) Carpet Buffing: Buffing the carpet with a giant carpet mop scrubs any excess dirt and solution from the surface of the carpet and helps the carpet dry faster
  • What's in your cleaning solution?
    Our innovative approach to carpet cleaning will get your area rugs cleaner than traditional methods, and last way longer to boot. Traditional methods of carpet cleaning typically use harsh chemicals and shampoos that leave soapy residues, called surfactants, in your rugs and take far longer to dry. Dirt loves to grab on to these wet and sticky residues leaving you due for another cleaning much sooner than by using rotary extraction. We use the natural properties of carbonation to break up dirt and lift it to the surface of your rug and rotary extraction to remove all the dirt, bacteria, and allergens that accumulate.
  • Should I vacum before the cleaning?
    No. Before every cleaning, our staff vacums the selected area to assure a thorough cleaninging. We do suggest you remove items off of your furniture like electronics, plants, lamps and knick-knacks. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved.
  • How long does carbonation carpet cleaning take to dry?
    With our carbonated carpet solution your carpet will usually take 1-3 hours to dry verses the 1-3 days a steam clean takes.
  • Is Carbonated Carpet Solution a steam cleaner?
    No, here at Carbonated Carpet Solutions we use carbonation to lift up dirt and grime from your carpets so we do not need to use the gallons of water that typical steam cleaners use.
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
    We suggest that homeowners clean their carpets every 3-6 months especially homes with kids, pets or if someone in your home has asthmas or allergies. Regular cleaning will not only improve your home’s appearance, but it will eliminate germs and allergens, improve your home’s indoor air quality and extend the life of your carpeting.
  • Can other carpet cleaning methods decrease the quality of my carpets?
    Yes. Carpet cleaners like steam use a process of dumping large amounts of soapy water into your carpets and then trying to suck it all back out. Steam carpet cleaning requires more a lot more water which results in an extended drying time, usually 1-2 days, this method can actually cause carpets to rot or grow mold.
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